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Minnaker is an all-in-one, lightweight Armory environment.

Armory Minnaker is an easy to use installation script that leverages the power of Kubernetes with the simplicity of a Virtual Machine. The Kubernetes environmnent that gets installed on your behalf is based on Rancher’s K3s. You do not need to know how to setup Kubernetes! Minnaker takes care of the hard parts for you, allowing you to get up and running with Armory in under 10 minutes. Check out our video on running Armory across all of the public clouds including VMWare Fusion locally.

Minnaker makes it easy to get up and running today and lets you scale your deployment into a medium to large deployment down the road.


Your VM should have 4 vCPUs, 16G of memory and 30G of HDD space.

Getting Started

Check out the GitHub project for more information. After you install Minnaker, use the AWS Quick Start to learn how to configure Armory to deploy to AWS.